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Rates for the cat sitting

The price for your cat care engagement is made up of the sitting rate and the traveling rate.

You can choose between two cat sitting options depending on your cat(s) likes and needs. The basic visit is 30 minutes long and the DELÜX visit is 1 hour long. In addition, you can decide if I should visit your kitty once or twice a day.

Please note that cat sitting visits cannot be booked at a certain time. Delays may occur at any time due to a variety of factors such as traffic, extra clean up, emergencies and so on. Only cats with a medical condition, who rely on administering medication at a certain time, qualify for the care within a 2hr time frame.

Should your kitty be cared for longer than the listed cat sitting options? Customized visits are available on request. Please get in touch with me.

The cat care costs include two kitties living in your household. Sitting each additional fur ball will result in a 2,50€ (2,98€ incl. 0,48€ VAT) fee per kitty and visit.

Please note that all furry clients must have an up-to-date immunization protection to minimize the risk of infection. 

Caring for your other furry friends is possible upon request. Please reach out to me as needed.

Schlafende Katze, Schlummernde Katze, Lucky Cat mobile Katzenbetreuung Hamburg

Cat care rates

Monday - Friday

  • once 18€ (21,42€ incl. 3,42€ VAT)

  • twice 36€ (42,84€ incl. 6,84€ VAT)

Sitting option Basic (30 min sitting time)


Sitting option Delüx  (1 hour sitting time)


Monday - Friday

  • DELÜX 30€ (35,70€ incl. 5,70€ VAT)

10.00 - 19.00 h**


  • once 20€ (23,80€ incl. 3,80€ VAT)

  • twice 40€ (47,60€ incl. 7,60€ VAT)


  • DELÜX 34€ (40,46€ incl. 6,46€ VAT)

11.00 - 18.00 h**


  • DELÜX 39€ (46,41€ incl. 7,41€ VAT)

11.00 - 17.00 h**


  • once 22€ (26,18€ incl. 4,18€ VAT)

  • twice 44€ (52,36€ incl. 8,36€ VAT)

*On public holidays there´s a 50% holiday surcharge on the regular sunday rate. On Christmas (incl. 25. and 26.12), New Year´s Eve and the New Year´s day there´s a 100% holiday surcharge on the regular sunday rate. During the holiday period the sitting options are limited to one 30min standard visit.

**Sittings outside regular business hours are available upon request and are subject to a 5€(5,95€ incl. 0,95€ VAT) off hours surcharge per visit.

Schlafende Katze, Katzenportrait, Lucky Cat mobile Katzenbetreuung Hamburg

Traveling rate {per visit}

My location    


0 km - 2 km                                          free of charge


2,1 km - 3,9 km                                3,50€   (4,17€ incl. 0,67€ VAT)


4 km - 5,9 km                               4,50€   (5,36€ incl. 0,86€ VAT)

6 km - 7,9 km                                     5,50€   (6,55€ incl. 1,05€ VAT)

8 km - 9,9 km                                     6,50€   (7,74€ incl. 1,24€ VAT)

10 km - 11,9 km                               7,50€   (8,93€ incl. 1,43€ VAT)

12 km - 13,9 km                                  8,50€   (10,12€ incl. 1,62€ VAT)

14 km - 15,9 km                                  9,50€   (11,31€ incl. 1,81€ VAT)

16 km - 17,9 km                                 10,50€  (12,50€ incl. 2,00€ VAT)

*18+km on request

Schlafende Katze, Katzenportrait, Lucky Cat mobile Katzenbetreuung Hamburg

Additional costs 


For your convenience you may drop off your keys at my house upon prior agreement or hand them over at the meet and greet in-home consultation. Should you need me to collect or drop off your keys separately a 10€ (11,90€ incl. 1,90€ VAT, excl. respective travelling cost) key pick up/key return fee will be charged. I also offer storing your keys securely. This has been proven to be quite handy should you need to travel more often or on short notice. 

Lucky Cat now offers vouchers for future cat care engagements. These have no expiration date. An exchange or refund is not possible. 

Cancellations are free of charge up to 8 days before the scheduled cat sitting engagement. Cancellations with 7 to 4 days notice before the scheduled cat sitting engagement will be charged with 50% of the total cost as signed in the sitting contract. Cancellations with less than 4 days notice before the scheduled cat sitting engagement will be charged with 100% of the total cost as signed in the sitting contract. In the event of cancelling (less than 24hrs prior), changing or not showing up for previously fixed appointments the respective fees will be charged in full.

Additional work while sitting e.g. due to a sick cat or missing information will be billed separately. Running errands and general tasks as well as rides to the vet are charged at 24€ (28,56€ incl. 4,56€ VAT) per hour or fraction thereof.

Last minute inquiries booked up to 5 days before the cat sitting engagement starts will be charged with a 10€ (11,90€ incl. 1,90€ VAT) emergency surcharge. Bookings of one to three sitting days are subject to a 10€ (11,90€ incl. 1,90€ VAT) surcharge for small quantities. 

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