Who runs Lucky Cat?


Hi dear cat lovers,

I´m Pamela and I´m a true cat lover. These wonderful creatures have been an essential part of my life since I was a little girl. Believe me I am all too familiar with the worries and troubles any cat lover might face.

What to do with our kitty, when we´re on vacation? Will he/she receive the best care possible?

You may rest assured that your feline´s well-being is my top priority.

Volunteering at the animal shelter, Süderstraße, allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of our felines´ nature and character. Working with these cats made me so happy I decided to devote more time to make them happy and begin cat sitting.

What´s so fascinating about this occupation? Any cat care engagement is truly one of a kind, since every furry friend has different demands. To see your feline stress-free and to give you peace of mind is exceptionally fulfilling. Over time,as the number of fur balls in need grew, it only felt natural to dedicate myself fully to cat sitting and quit my job in marketing.

Currently my two fur-balls, Murphy and Lilly, live with me in Langenhorn. I adopted them as fragile beings from the animal shelter Süderstraße. Murphy was found in a box, abandoned in a stairway. Lilly would have probably suffered the same fate. Both were light as a feather- Murphy had a kidney insufficiency, while Lilly had a not so well healed fracture on her right leg. Now they are doing great and I´m deeply grateful for every single moment I get to spend with them. By the way.....they had lots of fun posing for the pictures you see on this website.

Sadly, Murphy has passed away in autumn 2015 after a short, severe illness. We had a very special bond, so it took a while longer before I was even able to think of a companion for Lilly. Nonetheless, I was very clear, that my whirlwind Lilly would need a partner in crime to get into all kinds of trouble.

About six months later, I found the perfect match. Lenny. A young, laid back tom-cat, who knows how to handle Lilly´s temper only too well. At first Lilly wasn´t so sure whether to like or ignore him. By now, the two have become a great team. What a relief.



Lenny is also a special one, as he came from a test laboratory- luckily just cat products and under very good conditions. Since he never had the chance to live in an apartment until I met him, he was learning everything from scratch, much like a kitten. But he settled in quickly and loved it right from the start to sit on the (secured) balcony and watch the colorful scene.


In December 2016 after a year-long search my heart´s desire finally came true: a micro-tattoo of my dear Murphy! I am totally overjoyed to now be able to carry my little tiger with me at all times.​